Discussions: Grid View and Reading View

There are two ways to view discussions, reading view and grid view.

Reading View

The default, “Reading View,” shows each post that starts a new thread in a topic. You have to click each of them to see replies to those threads.

Reading View
Reading view shows each post that starts a new thread and it’s first three lines of text.

Grid View

When you view a topic in “Grid View,” you can see the subjects lines of all your student’s posts at a glance, with the replies indented to show the threaded discussion.

Grid View
Grid View shows all your students’ post in a topic. A reply post is indented beneath the post that was replied to.

Choose Your View

There are three ways to choose the view you want:

  • Click your name in the upper right corner of your screen, choose “Account Settings” then click the “Discussion” tab. Choose the default view you want.
  • Or… If you’re already in the Discussion area, click the blue “Settings” link near the top right of the screen. Then choose your default view.
  • Or… Click the small downward arrow next to the name of a topic. You will have an option to open the topic in whichever view is not your current one.

The following video shows how to switch views.