Inserting quicklinks in the HTML Editor

A Quicklink directs users to a web page, a file or another place within your Pilot course. Quicklinks can be used within any Pilot tool that uses the HTML editor.

The Insert Quicklink icon   can be found on the tool bar in the HTML editor.

HTML QuickLinks

A drop down menu will appear that will give you the following options for Quicklinks;

  • Course File
  • Calendar Content
  • Url
  • Discussions, Dropbox, External Learning Tools, Pilot Live, Quiz or Exam, Self Assessment, or Survey

If you choose…

Course File, click the Add a File button under the Details heading and choose the appropriate file from the course file manager window that pops up.

Calendar, you will be prompted to select the date and the event from the course calendar.

Url, type the web address in the box under Details. (You can link to an email address by typing “mailto:” followed by the address i.e. “”)

…anything else, select the item from the drop-down list under Details.

Type the text that you want to appear as the link in the box under the Link Caption heading.

Under the Open In heading, select whether you would like the target to open in the same frame, the whole window, or a new window.

Click on Insert.

Click on Update to save your changes.

HTML Editor