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The Equation Editor enables users to insert mathematical equations within the HTML Editor. It supports the input of MathML and LaTeX, and includes a graphical editor where you can visually create equations. Depending on your org settings, you may not have access to all input methods.

Important The Equation Editor in Pilot 10.2 and onward does not require* Java support or have specific browser compatibility considerations.

*Note, existing equations created before Pilot 10.2 will still require Java Applet support but are up-converted to MathML upon an edit.


MathML is a standard adopted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It uses XML to describe mathematical notation by capturing both its structure and content. This enables MathML to support visual display and assistive technology access.

As a standard, Pilot stores and displays all equations in the MathML format, regardless of the format you use to enter equations. Pilot uses the MathJax JavaScript engine to display MathML equations.

Go to to learn more about MathJax features.

Note Versions 9.4.1 and higher of Pilot only support MathML 3.0 markup. You might need to update existing equations if you wrote them using MathML 2.0 markup.


LaTeX is a typesetting system based on TeX. It provides a text syntax for complex mathematical formulae. Pilot stores equations entered in LaTeX format as MathML to ensure consistency and accessibility.

Graphical Equation Editor

The Graphical Equation Editor is a Javascript-based application that features a tool bar equipped with a selection of buttons. This tool bar provides the necessary elements to construct your equations quickly and easily. Each button in the Equation Editor tool bar opens a palette of related mathematical symbols.

Before using the Graphical Editor:

  • Ensure that you have installed the latest version of your internet browser and that you enable Javascript.
  • Disable any software or browser settings that block pop-up windows.

Tabs in the Graphical Editor

Icon Name Description

General tab

Add a template for building equations. Add and edit text in your equation using the Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Color, and other text editing functions.

Symbols tab

Add mathematical symbols to equations.

Arrows tab

Update or add arrows to equations.

Greek and letters tab

Update or add uppercase and lowercase Greek characters to equations.

Matrices tab

Update or add matrices to equations.

Scripts and layout tab

Add scripts or layouts to build equations.

Decorations tab

Add fences such as brackets and vertical bars around text fields.

Big operators tab

Update or add big operators to equations.

Calculus tab

Add a template for building Calculus equations.

Keyboard shortcuts available in the Graphical Equation Editor

  • Use Ctrl + f to create a fraction.
  • Use Ctrl + 9 to add round brackets.
  • Use Ctrl + h to create superscript.
  • Use Ctrl + j to create subscript.
  • Use Ctrl + z to undo your last action.
  • Use Ctrl + i to create an integral.
  • Use Ctrl + > to enlarge text and Ctrl + to shrink text.

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