Grades Setup Wizard

Pilot provides a Setup Wizard to assist you in determining the appropriate settings for your grades. If the Wizard doesn’t appear when you open the Grades tool, click on “Setup Wizard”.

Choose Your Grading System

  • Weighted: Grade categories are assigned a percentage of the final grade. Grade items are assigned a percentage that represents their value within the category.
  • Points: Grade items are assigned point values and the final grade is calculated as the sum of points earned divided by total possible points.
  • Formula: Grade items are calculated using the points system, but a formula is used to determine how each grade item contributes to the final grade.

Final Grade Released

  • Calculated: A student’s final grade is based upon the grading formula that is set and you cannot adjust it without manipulating individual grade items.
  • Adjusted: You have the option of modifying a student’s grade before releasing it.

Grade Calculations

  • Ungraded Items: Pilot will either omit missing grade items from the final grade calculation, or will assign missing grade items a value of zero.
  • Auto Update: Final grades are automatically updated when changes are made to grade items.

Choose Default Grade Scheme

  • Choose to default to a percentage scheme or to use an organizational letter grade scheme. Use the percentage scheme during the term. You will switch to the organizational letter grade scheme before submitting your final grades to Banner.
  • The default percentage scheme in Pilot is the 90/80/70/60 scale. You can set up your own percentage grade scheme by clicking on Grades > Schemes > New Scheme.

Managing View Display Options

  • Select the number of decimal places to use in displaying grades in your view (must be between 0 and 5).

Student View Display Options

  • Choose whether you want the student to see Points Grade (percentage) and/or Grade Scheme Symbol (A,B,C,etc.)
  • Select the number of decimal places you want to display, to students, in the gradebook (must be between 0 and 5).

Click on Finish.

In the future, if you want to change any of the settings that you’ve chosen, click on Settings, in the upper right corner of the Gradebook view. If you reopen the Setup Wizard, you must run through the entire Wizard.