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Associating a seating chart with a Calendar event creates a session.

Create a session

  1. Access Calendar for your course.
  2. Click Create Event.
  3. Enter details of the event.
  4. Select a Location. The drop-down list displays only active locations.
  5. Select the seating chart you want to use for the location.
  6. Click Create.


  • If the location you select does not have a seating chart associated with it, you can create one by clicking Create a Chart. After the seating chart is complete, click Save to close the window. The new seating chart should appear in the drop-down list. If you do not see it, click the Refresh Seating Chart List icon.
  • You can associate pre-existing events with seating charts that are not the default in Seating Chart, provided the event has only a location, and not a seating chart, attached to it. To do so, click Add Events from the More Actions button of the seating chart you wish to add the event(s) to.

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