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Self assessment question types

Question types available to the Self Assessments tool are similar to the questions available in the Quizzes and Surveys tools (except Likert questions). Self assessments can contain the following question types:

You can also create the following information items:

Create a self assessment question or an information item

NoteAs a best practice, we recommend that you create all self assessment questions within the Question Library. This enables you to reuse questions in various quizzes, surveys, and self assessments. All points values are removed when importing questions from the Question Library to self assessments.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click Question Library from the tool navigation.
    • While editing or creating a self assessment, click Add/Edit Questions.
  2. In the Question Library or the Add/Edit Questions area of the Self Assessments tool, click New and select the question type or information item you want to create. 

Self assessment feedback and hints

All question types allow you to include Feedback and Hints. Feedback enables you to provide added information as a basis for improving content comprehension. Hints are useful for suggesting how to approach a question.

Since self assessments are not graded and have no points value, we recommend that you provide feedback comments for each self assessment question. You can provide feedback at the end of a question or in some question types (like multiple choice), you can provide feedback for each answer choice within the question. You can use feedback comments to indicate correct and incorrect answers, where a correct answer can be found in the course content, and what details instructors are looking for in an ideal answer.

NoteIf you want users to see hints to questions, you must select the Allow hints check box when you create a self assessment.

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