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Grade users by assigning a value out of a specified total number of points.

Create a numeric grade item

  1. On the Manage Grades page, click Item from the New button.
  2. Click Numeric.
  3. Enter a Name for the grade item.
  4. You can enter a Short Name to display in the grade book.
  5. If you want the grade item associated with a category, select a category from the Category drop-down list or click New Category.
  6. Enter a Description of the grade item. If you want to make the description available to users, select Allow users to view grade item description.
  7. Enter the value you want the item graded out of in the Max. Points field.
  8. If you are using the weighted system, enter the Weight you want the grade item to contribute to the category. If the item does not belong to a category, the Weight you enter contributes to the final grade.
  9. If you want users’ grades to exceed the total value of the item, select the Can Exceed check box.
  10. Select the Bonus check box if you want the item counted as a bonus item.

    Note Bonus items are not counted towards the maximum points for a category or final grade. If available, you must select the Can Exceed check box, and the Bonus check box to allow users’ grades to exceed the maximum points specified.

  11. If you are using the points system, you can also choose the Exclude from Final Grade Calculation option. If you are using the weighted system you can accomplish the same results by setting the weight to 0%.
  12. You can select a Grade Scheme to associate with the item.
  13. You can can click Add Rubric to add a rubric, or click the Create Rubric in New Window link to create a new rubric.
  14. Select Display Options.
  15. Click Save and Close.

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