Customize Your Course Homepage

The homepage is the first page that your students see when they open your course. When Pilot courses are created, homepages all look alike; there are widgets titled “News”, “Calendar”, “Updates”, and “Content Browser”. A widget is a block of content that provides useful information and links. You can add multiple widgets to your course homepage to customize it for your students’ needs.

The default course homepage cannot be modified, so the first thing you have to do is create a customizable copy of the page. To do this, open your course and choose Course Admin from the navigation menu:

From the Site Setup menu, select Homepages.

Click on the arrow beside “Course Homepage” and select Copy.

A new option called Course Homepage – Copy will appear.

Click on the arrow to select the “Active Homepage”. Select Course Homepage – Copy from the menu. Click on Apply.

Now that you’ve created the customizeable page and set it as the course default homepage, you can begin to make changes.  Click on Course Homepage – Copy to open the page for editing.

Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Homepage page. This is where you can rearrange and add “widgets” to your Homepage. From here you can create, edit, delete, customize and preview the widgets for your Homepage.

In this area, you can rearrange the widgets by dragging and dropping them into different positions. By clicking on Add Widgets, you can view a menu of available widgets and add them to your Homepage. Be sure to save your changes before moving away from the page.