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You can export components from your course offering to a file. This allows you to reuse these components in another learning management system, including another Desire2Learn Pilot, or to store the components and then re-import them into another course offering or template at a later date.

Components are exported to an IMSCP-compliant zip file, a standard file format based on the IMS Content Packaging specification, meaning you should be able to reuse these components in any learning management system that supports this format.

You can export course components from the organization level, except for files in the Organization or Shared files areas.

User Data and exporting course components

User data is not exported. For example, if you export the dropbox folders component, none of submissions to the folders are exported. Similarly, if you export the discussions component, posts inside the discussions topics will not be exported.

Links and associations between components

Associations between components will not be exported. The IMS Content Packaging specification, which the format for export files is based on, does not support these associations (for example, Quicklinks, links to grade items, release conditions, etc.).

Export components

  1. Go to the Import/Export/Copy Components page for your course offering. To access this page, do one of the following:
    • Click Course Admin on your course navbar, then click Import/Export/Copy Components.
    • Click Import/Export/Copy Components in the Admin Tools widget or from the Admin Tools menu on the minibar.
  2. Select Export Components. If you want to include any files associated with components, select Include course files in the export package. Click Start.
  3. Select the components you want to export using the check box beside each component.
  4. To export only certain items from a component, choose Select individual items to export. This allows you to select, for example, individual quizzes, FAQ sections, dropbox folders, etc.
  5. When you are finished selecting components, click Continue.
    • If you chose “Select individual items to export” for any component in the previous step, the Select Items page appears.
    • This page lists all of the items and any sub-items contained in the current component. (For example, on the Select Dropbox Items page, you will see all of the folders and categories.)
    • To view sub-items, click the + icon next to an item or click Expand All.
    • Select the individual items and sub-items you want to export and click Continue.
      Note Not all components have sub-items.
    • Repeat the previous step for any other components for which you chose “Select individual items to export.” The Confirm Components to Export page appears. This page lists all the components that are included in the export file along with the number of items selected for each component. You can change the items selected within a component by clicking Modify. This takes you to the Select Items page for that component.
  6. Click Continue to begin the export.
    • The Export Course Components page is displayed, showing the export progress.
    • When a component has been successfully exported, a green check mark appears beside it. If any component fails to export properly, a red X will appear beside it.
  7. When the process is finished, click Finish.
    • A final Export Summary page is displayed where you can download the export file.
  8. To download the file, click on the link that says Click here to download the export Zip package. Choose a location to save the file and save it.

Note If you do not download the file from this screen, it is lost. You cannot download it later.

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