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You can enhance the appearance of your course and help users identify your course more easily by modifying the colors used in the interface. Pilot uses three color settings to render the areas within a course.

  • Dark Color  Used for the title bar, widgets, and pop-ups. White text is shown against this color.
  • Light Color  No longer used in most areas (it is being phased out). We recommend you use the same color as the Dark Color. White text is shown against this color.
  • Soft Color  Used for tabs. Black text is shown against this color.

Select a new color

  1. On the Course Offering Information page, select the drop-down list beside either Dark Color, Light Color, or Soft Color.
  2. Select one of the predefined colors from the palette or specify a custom color by doing the following:
    1. Enter the hex value for the custom color in the HEX field below the palette.
    2. Click the Preview Hex Color icon.
    3. Click the custom color chip at the bottom right of the palette.
  3. Click Save.

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