Add a Widget to Your Course Homepage in Pilot

Maybe you’d like to add your own custom content box on your course homepage with your picture and brief bio to introduce yourself to the class. Maybe there is a pre-made widget you want to use. Either way, it’s easy to add a widget to your homepage.

All you have to do is 1) create a custom homepage, 2) find or create a widget, and 3) add the widget to your homepage.

What’s a Widget?

Each of those boxes on your course homepage is a widget. These include items such as the News box and the Events box. You can rearrange widgets on your home page, delete widgets, or add a widget from a list of available widgets. You can even make and add your own widgets.

Step 1: Make a Customizable Homepage

Before you can add a widget, you have to create your own homepage so you can alter the layout. The easiest way to start is to copy the default homepage:

  1. Click the “Course Admin” link on the navigation bar in your course.
  2. On the “Course Administration” page, click the link that says “Homepages.”
  3. On the “Homepages” page, click the downward-pointing arrow next to “Course Homepage.” Then click “Copy.”
  4. This will create a copy of the default homepage that you can customize.

Step 2: Make Your New Homepage Active

Click where it says “— Default —” under “Active Homepage,” select “Course Homepage – Copy,” then click “Apply.”

Step 3: Click the Link for Your New Homepage

Step 4: Click “Add a Widgets”

On the diagram of your homepage layout, click the “Add Widgets” button at the bottom of the panel where you want to add the widget.

Step 5: Choose a Widget

Scroll down the list of widgets and check the box for the widget you want. In this case, we’ve chosen “Tegrity Recordings.” Then click “Add.” You will now see the widget at the bottom of a panel in the layout diagram. (Note: Since this tutorial was written, Tegrity has been replaced by Panopto for screen recording and media management.)

Step 6: Save

Remember to click “Save.” If you are done customizing your homepage layout, you may click “Save and Close.” You must save your layout.

When you’re done, click “Home” on the navigation bar and enjoy your work.

Optional: Arrange and Customize Your Widgets

Once a widget is on the layout diagram, you can easily move it to a different position on the page. Click on the widget and hold the mouse button down while you drag the widget into position. As you drag it, a line with nobs on each end will appear between widgets to show you where the one you are dragging will land when you release the mouse button.

You can also customize the looks of a widget by clicking on it once to show its properties. To get back to the layout view, click “Hide Properties.” You can also customize a widget while you are on your homepage. Click the little down-pointing arrow next to the widget’s name.