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You can also view general information about completion tracking for all users from the Class Progress page, or the details of a user’s completion tracking from the User Progress page, both located in the User Progress tool. See User Progress for more information.

If you click Content in the Reports area on the User Progress page, you can track how many visits a user makes to the Content tool, how much time is spent viewing course material, and how many topics were visited. Expand the report details under each module to find a further breakdown of a user’s actions. The expanded details show all topics and sub-modules within the module, how many visits the user made for each topic, and how much time was spent in each topic. Clicking on the module or topic’s name brings you to that module or topic in the Content tool.

Access a user’s progress summary from Content

  1. In a topic’s Completion Summary, hover over a user’s profile display or click on the user’s profile picture.
  2. Click the User Progress link in the user’s profile badge.

Note The Progress Summary page displays overall user progress results for the current course, not just the topic.

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