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Launch sessions from the Seating Chart tool and the Calendar tool. When you select a seating chart, a searchable list of all the sessions added to the seating chart displays first.

When you click on a session, it starts automatically and remains in progress until you click Set Session Completed. This locks the attendance, participation tracking, and comments you entered for the session.

Launch a session from Seating Chart

  1. On the main Seating Chart page, click on the seating chart that contains your session.
  2. Click on your session to launch it.

Launch a session from Calendar

In the Agenda view, click the View Seating Chart link beside the event you want to launch the session for.

Complete a session

Inside a session, click Set Session Completed..

Note This finalizes session statistics. Overall course statistics are calculated using statistics from finalized sessions.

Resume a session

Inside a session, click Resume Session at any time to add to or modify the session tracking data.

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