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The Groups tool in Pilot is used to create group work areas for students.  Each group can have its own discussion forums, Dropbox folders, and locker area to work in. Members of groups can be graded as a team or individually.

To create a group work area, faculty complete the following steps:

  1. From the course homepage, click on the Communications link on the navigation bar and select Groups from the menu.  When the Manage Groups page opens, click the New Category Folder icon.

2. On the New Category page, enter a Category name for the groups, select the Enrollment type, and enter the desired number of groups.

3. Then, under the Additional Options section, select whether to setup the following items:

Setup Discussion Areas to allow group members to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss material using the Discussions tool.

Setup Locker to create a shared file space where group members can store their work and other members of the group can view and modify it.

Setup Dropbox to associate Dropbox folders with the groups in the category.

4. Once any Additional Options have been selected, click on Save to complete the process (if the Discussion Areas or Dropbox were selected under Additional Options, then a screen will appear to complete the setup for the item(s)).

5. If no auto enrollment for the group folder was selected, students will need to be added to their individual groups.  To do so, click on the down arrow to the right of the group folder title and select Enroll Users from the menu.

group enrollment

When the Enrollments page appears, check the appropriate group for each student.  Click Save to complete the process.

6. Once the groups are created, students can access the Groups tool by clicking the Communications/Groups link on the course navigation bar.

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