Modifying or adding group enrollment

Home » Groups » Managing group enrollments Modifying or adding group enrollment

  1. On the Manage Groups page, select the category that contains the group or groups you want to modify or add enrollments to from the View Categories drop-down list.
  2. Click Enroll Users from the context menu of the category.
  3. Select the group you want from the Display drop-down list or select “All Groups” to see all groups.
  4. Enter information in the Search For field to find a specific user, or click the Search icon to find all users.

    Tip Select the Not Enrolled search option to find users that that do not belong to a group.

  • Select the check boxes beside each user’s name to add them to groups. Clear check boxes to unenroll users from groups.
  • Click Save.

Tip Manually enrolling users allow you to exceed the enrollment limit for a group.

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