Add Events to the Pilot Course Calendar

The Pilot Calendar tool provides students with a visual display of course events. Events can be displayed in an outside calendar (i.e. Outlook or Google Calendar, as well as iPhone, Android, and Blackberry) by subscribing to the calendar feed.

The Calendar tool can be accessed using the Calendar widget that is found on the course home page or on your MyPilot page.

There are two different types of events displayed in the Calendar tool:

  • Availability events reflect due dates and availability of course events. These dates are set when you create restrictions for a course object (i.e. when you create a dropbox and set a due date, the due date will automatically appear on the course calendar). These events are created outside of the Calendar tool.
  • General course events, such as reading assignments or dates that are important in the course but weren’t set using a tool outside of the calendar, are set from within the Calendar tool.

To create an event using the Calendar tool, open the Calendar and click on a date. A Create Event box will open that allows you to quickly create a Calendar event. Events can be set for the entire class, or for individual groups or course sections.

By clicking on “More”, in the bottom corner of the box, you will open a screen that allows you the following options:

  • link the calendar event to course content
  • add a description of the event using the HTML editor
  • attach documents and/or images to the event
  • set date restrictions and/or recurrences for the event
  • add a location for the event