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The Calculation Options page lets you set or change the type of grading system you use to calculate users’ grades, whether you want to release the calculated final grade or an adjusted final grade, and how you want to calculate ungraded items.

Access org unit display options

  1. Click Settings in the Grades tool.
  2. Click the Calculation Options tab.

Option Description Grading System


Categories and grade items are calculated as a percentage of a final grade worth 100%. The Max. Points assigned to individual grade items can be any value, but their contribution towards the final grade is always their assigned weight. See Grading systems for more information.


Grade items are calculated using their Max. Points value, rather than a percentage. Users’ scores on grade items are totaled and then divided by the total points available.


Grade items are calculated using the points system, but a formula is used to set conditions around how grade items contribute to the final grade.

Final Grade Released

Calculated Final Grade

The grade achieved by users based on the grading formula setup in the grade book. You cannot adjust it without editing individual grade items and recalculating the total.

Adjusted Final Grade

A final grade that can be adjusted or modified before being released to users.

Grade Calculations

Treat ungraded items as 0

Ungraded items count as a 0 towards users’ final grades.

Drop ungraded items

Ungraded items are removed from the final grade calculation. They do not count towards the users’ grade.

Automatically keep final grades updated

Determines whether the calculated final grade updates every time a change is made or only when a user manually recalculates the grade.

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