Set Quiz Restrictions in Pilot

Did you set up your quiz to be available today, but your students can’t see it? Do you want to be sure that your quiz can only be accessed during a certain time period? What steps can you take to minimize the opportunity for cheating? These, and other matters of quiz availability and access depend on the settings that are found on the Quiz Restrictions tab.

The Restrictions tab can be found on the “New Quiz” or “Edit Quiz” page.


The status has to be set to “Active” for students to be able to view the quiz.

Start and End Dates

Has Start Date determines when the quiz becomes accessible to students. Has End Date is when the quiz ceases to be available. Remember: to be seen by students, the Quiz must be set to Active even if Start and End dates are used.

Start and End dates can be set to display in the course calendar, which will be updated if the dates are changed.

Security Options

The Respondus LockDown Browser options are located here. You can opt to require students to take the quiz using the LockDown Browser and you can also require that they use it to view quiz results. If either of these is selected and the student does not have the LockDown Browser installed on their computer, they will be given a link to download it.

Optional Advanced Restrictions

Password: The quiz can be set up to require a password that you create. Only users who enter the password will be able to access the quiz.

IP Restrictions: You can limit students’ access to the quiz unless they are coming from a specific IP address, or range of IP addresses.


Time Limits and Grace Periods

The amount of time that is allowed for the student to take the quiz can be set in the Restrictions settings. The time begins when the user first logs into the quiz and expires in the designated number of minutes, regardless of whether the user navigates away from the quiz You can set a grace period that will extend beyond the allowed time. You must select Enforced if you are going to use Late Limit or Auto-Submit Attempt (see Late Submissions, below).

Saving allows the user to save all responses and continue with the quiz. At the end of the designated time, the user will be prompted to Save and Submit. Once the quiz is Submitted, the user can no longer make changes.

Late Submissions

If you choose the option, Allow normal submission, users can submit their quizzes regardless of time limits, with no point reductions. The quiz will be flagged as a late submission in the grade book.

The Use Late Limit of option allows late submissions of the quiz, but after the amount of time that you determine, the score is recorded as “0”. You can manually override this grade in the gradebook.

If you choose Auto-Submit Attempt, all answers that have been saved will be automatically submitted for the user when the quiz time limit expires. Any answers that haven’t been saved will be lost.