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Release Conditions

Many tools within Pilot include the option to attach release conditions. For example, you can make a Content item or module available to students only once they have passed a quiz, submitted a paper, or viewed another content item. Below are examples of the options you can choose when you create a release condition.

Example Release Conditions by Tool
Tool Conditions
  • Award Earned
  • Completed checklist
  • Incomplete checklist
  • Completed checklist item
  • Incomplete checklist item
  • Group enrollment
  • Org unit enrollment
  • Section enrollment
  • Role in current org unit
  • Date of enrollment in current org unit
  • Competency achieved
  • Competency not yet achieved
  • Learning objective achieved
  • Learning objective not yet achieved
  • Score on associated rubric
  • Visited content topic
  • Not visited content topic
  • Visited all content topics
  • Posts authored in topic
  • No posts authored in topic
  • Score on associated rubric
  • Submission to dropbox
  • No submission to dropbox
  • Receive feedback on dropbox submission
  • Score on associated rubric
  • Grade value on a grade item
  • No grade received
  • Score on associated rubric
Quizzes & Exams
  • Score on a quiz
  • Completed quiz attempt
  • Score on selected questions
  • Score on associated rubric
  • No completed quiz attempt