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Author: Jeffrey Hiles

How Students Access Turnitin Feedback

If you use Turnitin to grade or give feedback, students will be able to view your feedback through their Dropbox submission. First, though, you have must allow students access to the feedback. Give Students Access to Turnitin Results Under “Assessment,” choose “Dropbox.” In the list of dropbox folders, click the downward arrow to the right of the name of the folder and choose “Edit Folder.” On the “Edit Folder” page, scroll to the bottom and […]

Paste Text From Word into Pilot

Simple Paste using Shift Key To paste text from Microsoft Word into a quiz question or other text box in Pilot, use a keyboard shortcut that will strip out Word’s formatting. Otherwise, quiz answers may not line up with their check boxes, for example. The clean-paste shortcut in Windows is Control-Shift-V The clean-paste shortcut on a Mac is Command-Shift-V Clean Paste that Keeps Document Structure While pasting with the shift key is great for small […]

ePortfolio Access Is At Least Five Years for Graduates

Student have ePortfolios in Pilot where they can collect and share artifacts of their activities here at Wright State. One use for this is to present evidence of accomplishments to prospective employers or to graduate program selection committees. How long students continue to have access to their ePortfolios depends on whether they graduate from Wright State. Students who leave without graduating “Once a student attends Wright State, if they stop taking classes, their account remains […]

Add Users to Your WordPress Site

There are two “Add Users” interfaces. One ties into Wright State’s authentication system. The other doesn’t. So it’s important to get the right one. Otherwise, students won’t be able to use the campus username and password to log in. At your “Dashboard” page, hover over “Users” on the left, then click “Add User.” That will get you the right page. But if you are in doubt, you can confirm that you are on the right […]

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