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Author: Jeffrey Hiles

Attach a File from OneDrive

With Pilot’s integration with Microsoft Office 365, you can upload files to Pilot directly from your OneDrive. The following directions show how to attach a file to a discussion post. The same process applies to Dropbox folders and other areas where you want to attach a file. If you have a copy of the file saved on your computer, and not in a OneDrive folder on your computer, it’s often simpler just to upload that […]

Add University Libraries’ Research Toolkits

What the Research Toolkit is and where to get it The University Libraries provides a series of modules you can add to your course to help students do better research. Each module is available as a .zip file you can download from a Libraries web page. When you import a Toolkit file, it creates a module, its content items, and an associated quiz. Download modules from “Research Toolkit: For Instructor Use” Some computers will automatically […]

Binder App Discontinued

D2L has announced it will discontinue its Binder app, which students could use to collect course content to mark it up with notes and to read it offline. Beginning November 1, 2018, the company disabled the cloud storage service that supported the Binder. However, students who updated to the latest version of the app and accessed the cloud before November 1 should still have anything stored in Binder, but it will have been downloaded to […]

File Upload Problems

A number of things can prevent a someone from uploading a file to a Dropbox folder, Content, Discussion, or other tool. File Size Files larger than 1GB might not upload. Slow Internet Connection Although there is no set connection speed required, slow speeds can cause the upload process to time out. File Name Too Long or Contains Unsupported Characters Keep file names under 45 characters and avoid the following characters in file names: \ / […]

Fix a Faulty Question After Students have Taken the Quiz

Key Points If you alter a question in a quiz that some students have already taken, Pilot will preserve the old version of the question for those students who took the quiz before the change. Only students who take the quiz after you edit a question will see the edited version of the question. You can reassign points for those who answered the original question. Follow the steps below in the section called Fix the […]

How Students See Quiz Results

Here is how students see results, such as what questions they got right or wrong. This assumes the instructor has set up the “submission view” to allow students to see more than just their grade. Click “Assessment” on the course navbar and choose “Quizzes and Exams.” On the Quizzes page, click the little downward-pointing arrow next to the quiz and choose “Submissions.” There will be a list of attempts the student submitted for the quiz. […]

Check Clutter Folder for Course Email

Not seeing those emails your teacher sent? They might be in your Clutter folder. The Microsoft service that Wright State uses for your official student email includes a “Clutter” feature. It can simplify your life. But it can cause you to miss important email from your instructors. To avoid problems, you can… check your Clutter folder often, train your Clutter folder, make rules to keep some messages out of Clutter, or turn off the Clutter […]

PowerPoint Jumbled in Content

If you add a PowerPoint file to Content and find that it displays as a jumble of text without the design and layout of your original slide, you will want to switch to “Page” view. While viewing the PowerPoint in Pilot, scroll way down to the bottom of the page. Click “View as Page.” The button will switch to saying “View as Text” and your PowerPoint slides will look the way you expect. Unfortunately, this […]

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