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Course Dropped from Self-Registration List

Problem: A course with self-registration suddenly stops showing up for students on the list of courses to choose from when they are self registering. Cause: The course has hit its self-registration limit. Solution: Course Admin > Self-Registration > Restrictions. Then increase the “Self Registration Limit” number.

Show Faculty and Students the Current Calculated Grade

There are three parts to making this happen: Make sure the calculations are set correctly. Make sure the settings will display the results to you and your students. Release the calculated grade to your students. Calculation Options Go to “Grades” and click the “Settings” link near the top right of the screen. Near the top of the “Settings” screen, click the “Calculation Options” tab. On the “Calculation Options” screen, under “Final Grade Released,” check “Calculated […]

Drop the Lowest Quiz Grade(s)

In Grades, create a category for your quizzes and put all the quiz grade items in that category. Go into Grades and then choose Manage Grades; Next the Quiz CATEGORY (It will be in a grey bar) Click on the Actions arrow and select Edit Properties Under the quiz properties, place a check next to distribute points across all items (if not already checked) and then define how many non-bonus quiz grades to drop for […]

Change Group Enrollments

To change the group enrollments, click “Communication” on the course navbar and select “Groups” from the drop-down menu.  On the Manage Groups screen, select the category folder for the groups you want to manage. In the example below, we’ve selected “Teamwork” from the drop-down menu under “View Categories.” On the Teamwork screen, click the down arrow next to Teamwork (10) and select Enroll Users from the menu On the Enroll Users screen, you can place […]

Password Reset for Self-Registered Students

Students who have self-registered in a course often aren’t in Banner so they can’t use WINGS or rely on the Help Desk to reset their passwords. To enable them to reset their password, Go to “Users” and look the student up. When the student shows up in search results, click the downward arrow next to the name and choose “Email Password Reset Link,” which will send to whatever email address the student used for self […]

Add Teaching Assistants to Multiple Sections

Click “Course Admin” on the navigation bar in the course and then click “Sections.” When the Manage Sections screen appears, click “Enroll Users.” On the next screen, find the TAs in the list and check the boxes for the sections you want them to have access to and click Save to complete the process.

Crosslisting Tricks

This page is for people with administrator access. Create Crosslistings The first page of the “Crosslistings Management” tool is where you choose the course or courses that will be hidden, also called child courses or secondary courses. If your search doesn’t show the course you want, click “Show Search Options,” click the box by “Active” and change the status to “Inactive.” (By default the search will only look for active courses.) Once you have selected […]

Manage Dates On Multiple Items At Once

To view and bulk manage dates by each tool in Pilot, go to “Course Admin” and then choose “Manage Dates.” Place a check by the tool you wish to check the dates for and then press “Apply Filter“: While in that view, you can place a check in the Calendar Column to add those dates to the Course Calender on the Students Home Page as well as place a check in the far left to […]

Add to Content Files That Are Already in Manage Files

In “Manage Files,” check the items you want shown under content. You can click the select all checkbox, then uncheck any you don’t want in Content. Then click the “Add Content Topics” button (shown in the red box below). It will ask which module you want them in. You can add a new on there if you wish. If you need to reorganize anything, you can drag and drop within Content. Click and drag the […]

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