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Collaborate Ultra Basics

Collaborate Ultra is now a standard part of every course in Pilot! It can be found in the Communication Menu and when you select it, there is a ready to use virtual live classroom (named the Course Room) at the top of the screen and you (and your students) just click on it to enter it. If desired, shortcut/link can be added into Content in Pilot as well. Just choose Add Existing Activities from any […]

Final Calculated Grade is 0/0

In a Grade book with a Points grading system, the Final Calculated Grade is 0/0. To fix that, Go to Grades and click the blue “Settings” link near the top right of the page. Click “Calculation Options.” Scroll to the bottom of the Calculation Options page and check the box to “Automatically keep final grades updated.“ Click “Save,” then “Close.” This rare glitch showed up in December of 2018.

Rubrics in Discussions vs in Grades

In the new version of Brightspace, grading discussions with rubrics has become more robust, but has some caveats. Add Rubric in Discussions, not in Grades When you add both a the rubric and grade item to a discussion topic, you can now grade the assignment using the rubric within the discussion topic and publish the grade directly from there to grades. The one caution is that while the grade gets published to Grades, students can’t […]

Error: No Final Grades to Send

When sending grades to Banner, some faculty get this message: Error: There are no final grades to send to your SIS. That happens when… Banner has failed to create a section for the course or an attempted grade export had failed and corrections need a kick start. Section Missing To remedy the problem if the course does not have a section… Go to Course Admin and click Course Offering Information. Check the Course has sections […]

Turn Off Spell Checking for Quizzes

This page is for people with administrator access. You must have administrator access to turn off spell checking for quizzes in a course. Gear > Config Variable Browser > Tools > Quizzing > ShowSpellCheckInAttempts > Add Value For “Org Unit ID,” use the number that appears in the course URL. (CRN won’t work.) If you don’t know the ID number, you can click “Select Org Unit” to search by course name. Change the value to […]

Selecting the Weighted Grade Calculation Option

Grades in Pilot can be organized by points or by percentage weights.  The default course setting is “Points,” so the steps below describe the process of changing to “Weighted.”  Go to Grades and click on Settings. On the Settings screen, select the Calculation Options tab. On the Calculation Options screen, select “Weighted” instead of “Points” and click Save to complete the process.  

Downloading Quiz Statistics and Reports

Quiz Statistics You can save the following for a quiz that has been taken by student: User Statistics – includes students’ quiz scores. Question Statistics – includes average scores by question. Question Details – includes number of times various responses were made for the questions. Follow the procedure below to export statistics for a quiz: Go to the Quiz Select Statistics from the drop-down by the quiz name. Select the tabbed page for the statistic […]

Exporting Dropbox Submissions

Exporting Dropbox Submissions   You can save the files submitted to a Dropbox folder in a course as a .zip file.  Follow the procedure below for each Dropbox folder that you want the submissions exported. Go to the Assessment tab in the course and then click on Dropbox from the menu. Select the dropbox folder you wish to process by clicking on its title. You want to view the document submissions for all users so […]

Exporting Discussion Files

Exporting All Posts in a Topic Follow the procedure below for each Discussion topic from which you want the posts exported. Go to the Discussions tool. Click on Settings near the upper-right corner and select Grid View under “Personal Settings” if not already set. 3. Next, select a topic within a forum and change the view to “All Posts” (press the Apply button). 4. Change the number of posts viewed at a time to the […]

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