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Respondus Document Formatting

Respondus Question Template and Sample Upload


To upload questions into Respondus, they must first be properly formatted. Respondus assumes that every question to be imported is a multiple choice type question unless it is indicated otherwise (True or False questions are also recognized as multiple choice questions by Respondus). So to upload multiple choice questions into Respondus, you only need to indicate the correct answer for each question (this can be done in the question by placing an asterisk in front of the correct answer, or at the end of the document by entering Answers: and then listing the question numbers and correct responses – e.g.,


  1. a
  2. b
  3. d


For all other types of questions, you will need to indicate what type of question you are importing. To do this, you enter Type: followed by the appropriate indicator for that type of question. For instance, a short answer question would be indicated by entering Type: S. After a space break, you would then enter the question and, again, you can either enter the answer after the question or at the end of the document – e.g.,


Type: S


  1. Who is known as the “father of television”?


  1. Zworykin
  2. Vladimir Zworykin
  3. Vladimir Kosma Zworykin



Question Template


Importing Essay Questions

The long answer question type (essay) is not automatically graded by Pilot. You can indicate an answer for this question type, but it is for comparison purposes only (graders can view the answer as a guide when they manually grade the question).


Type: E


3) How is the Michelson-Morely experiment related to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity?


  1. a) In 1887, Albert Michelson and Edward Morely carried out experiments to detect the change in speed of light due to ether wind when the Earth moved around the sun. The result was negative. They found the speed of light is always the same regardless of Earth’s motion around the sun. Scientists were puzzled with this negative result, and they didn’t know how to explain it. Albert Einstein came up with the answer in his famous second postulate in theory of relativity: that the speed of light (in vacuum) is always constant and absolute, regardless of its source’s motion and observer’s movement.



Importing Short Answer Questions

Alternate correct answers can be indicated for short answer questions. The correct answer will need to be matched exactly by the students, so anticipating any variations can be useful in automatic grading.


Type: S


  1. Who is known as the “father of television”?


  1. Zworykin
  2. Vladimir Zworykin
  3. Vladimir Kosma Zworykin


Importing Multiple Fill in the Blanks Questions

Indicate the blanks (and the correct answers) in the question with brackets. You can add alternate correct responses by separating them with a comma.


Type: FMB


  1. A [rose, red flower] by any other [name] would smell as [sweet, good].




Importing Matching Questions

Indicate the correct matches and Pilot will randomize the choices when displaying the question to students.


Type: MT


6) Match the correct name to the discovery or theory.

  1. Michelson-Morely = Speed of light
  2. Einstein = Theory of Relativity
  3. Marconi = radio waves



Importing Ordering Questions

The Ordering Questions type has no correct response indicated (list the responses in the correct order and Pilot will randomize them when the question is displayed for students).


Type: ORD


  1. Put the following presidents in order of service
  2. George Washington
  3. John Adams
  4. Thomas Jefferson
  5. James Madison
  6. James Monroe



Importing “Multiple Response” Questions

Although this a multiple choice type question, Respondus doesn’t recognize it as such because there are multiple responses.


Type: MR

8) Which of the following individuals are credited with determining the exact speed of light?


*a. Albert Einstein

*b. Albert Michelson

*c. Edward Williams Morley

*d. Thomas Edison