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Creating Question Pools

Creating Question Pools

Question pools allow you to give students a set number of questions randomly-selected from a larger pool of question. For example, a 25 question quiz could be comprised of questions pulled at random from a pool of 50 questions. Each student would get a unique set of questions. For this reason, creating question pools helps to maintain academic integrity on quizzes and exams.

Note: You can create multiple question pools within a single quiz. This allows you to create a question pool for each topic to ensure that students get a sufficient number of questions for each learning objective that needs to be assessed.

To create a Question Pool:

1. After you create a new exam, on the Properties page click on Add/Edit Questions.

2. On the next screen, click on Add and then select Question Pool from the menu.

3. When the Question Pool screen appears, give the pool a title and click on Browse Question Library.

4. On the Question Library page, select the questions you’d like to add and click Import.

5. After you click Import, you will return to the page where you added the title and you need to indicate how many questions you want to randomize in the exam. If you want to just scramble the order of all of the questions, then enter the the same number as there are questions. You then need to add the point value for the questions (all questions in a Question Pool must have the same point value).

6. The final step is to click Save. You should now return to properties page of the exam and the questions and the total point value should be displayed.


7. If you want additional random pools in the exam, just repeat the steps above.