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How Students Access Turnitin Feedback

If you use Turnitin to grade or give feedback, students will be able to view your feedback through their Dropbox submission. First, though, you have must allow students access to the feedback.

Give Students Access to Turnitin Results

  1. Under “Assessment,” choose “Dropbox.”
  2. In the list of dropbox folders, click the downward arrow to the right of the name of the folder and choose “Edit Folder.”
  3. On the “Edit Folder” page, scroll to the bottom and click “Show Advanced Originality Checking Options,” if that section is not already expanded.
  4. Check the box to “Allow submitters to see Originality Reports,” then “Save.”

How Students Find the Feedback

Here is what students must do.

Under “Assessment,” choose “Dropbox.”

  1. To view an assignment’s Turnitin feedback, click the number in the assignment’s “Submissions” column. It’s usually a “1“. That will take you to your “Submission History” for that assignment.
  2. On the “Submission History” page, in the “Turnitin® Similarity” column, you will see a box with a percentage and a color swatch. Click the color swatch.
  3. That will take you into Turnitin, which will offer a short tutorial the first time you go there.
  4. You may need to click the “Wordmark” tab at the top to see the instructor’s detailed feedback.

More Information for Students