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Paste Text From Word into Pilot

Simple Paste using Shift Key

To paste text from Microsoft Word into a quiz question or other text box in Pilot, use a keyboard shortcut that will strip out Word’s formatting. Otherwise, quiz answers may not line up with their check boxes, for example.

  • The clean-paste shortcut in Windows is Control-Shift-V
  • The clean-paste shortcut on a Mac is Command-Shift-V

Clean Paste that Keeps Document Structure

While pasting with the shift key is great for small blocks of text, it has some drawbacks. You lose the structure that distinguishes paragraphs from headings, lists, and other elements.

If you have well-structured document in Word and want to keep those elements as you paste them into an HTML template, you need to find a way to lose the unwanted formatting, but keep the structure. One way to do that is use a site such as, which is a free online Word-to-HTML converter.

To use WordHTML, just copy text from Word, then past it into WordHTML’s “Word Editor.” Then select the text in the Word Editor, copy it again, then paste the cleaned-up text into Pilot.