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Downloading Course Files

You can download a .zip file containing all, or some, of the files in the ‘Manage Files’ area of a course.

  1. Go to Edit Course to get to the “Course Administration” page.
  2. Select Manage Files.
  3. A list of folders and files appears in the ‘Manage Files’ area. Check the ‘Select all items’ box at the top of the list of folders and any files in the course root folder. This will select all files in the course.

Note: To download just a subset of the files in the course, check the ‘select’ boxes by the folders and/or files to be downloaded instead of ‘Select all items’.


  1. Select the ‘Download’ button at the top of the list of folders. The course files will be zipped into a Zip archive.
  2. When the Zip archive is ready to be downloaded, click the link presented. You will have the option to save the .zip file.