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Bonus points

Here are the directions for adding bonus points in the grade book.

First, make a grade item, just like any other.

  1. Click the blue "New" button and choose "Item."
  2. Then choose "Numeric" for the "Grade Item Type."

Then you’ll find yourself on the "New Grade Item" page, which is where you’ll work your bonus point magic.

The difference between this bonus grade item and any other grade item is that you will scroll down and check the box that says "Bonus," and save it.

Now, any points you put in that grade item will be bonus points.

For example, suppose you had five grade items, each worth 25 points. Normally, Pilot would calculate the sum of all the items’ points–in this case, that’d be 125–and divide that by the number of points a student gets. But if you make one of those items a bonus grade, then only the other four grade items would be used to calculate the sum of all the items’ points. In this case, the maximum points would be 100. Any bonus points students earn will raise their scores. But it won’t subtract from their grades if they don’t earn bonus points.

If you also check the "Can Exceed" box, you will be able to put however many points in that grade item as you want, you won’t be limited.