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Getting rid of grade items and hiding new items

Deleting a grade item isn’t very hard as long as you know the order of the steps to accomplish that:

Under Manage Grades, place a check beside the items you wish to delete and then choose Delete under the More Actions menu:

You will then have to select the items a second time before Pilot will let you delete them!

As far as new grade items go, if an external tool creates a new grade item, it will always created without being placed into a category. You can assign it a category by editing the Grade Item’s Properties:

You can also create a Hidden, Holding Area Category for those assignments you do not yet want students to see, just check “hide this category” under the Category Item’s Restrictions tab:

As long as you are using a weigh by categories grading scale, assigning the category a weight of Zero also keeps that grade from impacting their overall grade until you later place it in an unhidden category…

If/When you want to show students that grade, just re-assign it to a regular category under Edit Grade item/Properties.