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Retrieving a Pilot Quiz With Respondus

Retrieving a Pilot Quiz With Respondus

To get started with Respondus, you need to download it from the ConnectWright web site ( .  When you download and install Respondus from the Connect Wright site, there is a Registration Code file also available that contains the registration information and password.  Please note that when it asks for what personality type you are using, select Desire2Learn (or Brightspace).


Once the installation is completed, open Respondus and click on the Retrieval tab across the top of the Respondus page. 

On the Retrieval page, you will be prompted to select the Desire2Learn server.  You can create this server by clicking on “add new server” from the pull-down menu and then select “Yes, check for pre-configured settings.”  You will then be prompted to name the server (call it whatever you like) and to enter your username and password (the username and password you use to login to Pilot).


Once the information is entered, click “Next” and then “Next” again on the following screen.  Again you will be prompted for your username and password and once entered you will be able to choose the course in Pilot that you want to download the quiz materials from.


Next, choose the specific quiz you want to retrieve and enter a name for the new Respondus file you are creating. 


Once all selections have been made, click the [Next] button. The retrieval process will take between 15 seconds and several minutes, depending on several factors: the speed of your connection, the load on the server, the size of the media elements that are being retrieved, and so forth.


You will know that the retrieval is successful by the statement “Completed successfully” that appears in the status box. You will be able to select the type of file you want to download (a Word document is one of the selections).