Spring 2014 Connections…

1. We are now PUBLIC Health Education!

The Kinesiology and Health’s undergraduate Public Health Education program has just undergone a name change!   No longer “Community Health Education”, the new name reflects the trends in workforce development both at the national and state levels and aligns better with the brand new accreditation process that is available for this discipline.

This is public health2.  Student Club forming

This spring has been a busy one; we now have 15 students who are working towards this degree which prepares students to sit for the “CHES” exam (Certified Health Education Specialist).  A student club is being formed with Mike Theobald as the President, Taylor Spina as Treasurer, and Anna Early as the Secretary.

 3.  We continue to advocate for a 100% tobacco free policy!

In February, we received a mini-grant from Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids to host a “Kick Butts Awareness Day”, on April 9th, to advocate for a tobacco-free campus, which was extremely well attended.  PHE student Mike Theobald organized the event as part of his KNH 2840 Practicum 1, and he did a great job – there were snacks, prizes, displays and a pledge wall.  Student Karthik Peddina won the $100 gift card for guessing the closest number to the amount of cigarette butts we collected last October during our cigarette butt clean up day.  We were thrilled to have certified tobacco cessation specialist Bruce Barcelo stop by with his carbon monoxide detector, which can give a reading of what your personal CO level is.  What does car exhaust, fumes, faulty gas boilers and cigarette smoke have in common?  Carbon monoxide (CO) a poisonous gas that you can’t smell or see.


 The REAL NUMBER has been released!
We collected 42, 666 cigarette butts on our campus during 3 hours in October, 2013. Congrats to Karthik Peddina ($100 gift card to the bookstore) and Maram Alroquaie ($20 gift card)  for their guesses of 17,000 and 70,000!
And thanks to the WSU tobacco policy committee, who just presented their recommendation for a tobacco-free campus to the WSU cabinet.  After studying the issue extensively for over a year, their vote was 12-1 FOR a tobacco free campus.


Hosted by the undergraduate Public Health Education program in the Kinesiol
ogy and Health Dept,  and funded by a grant from Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.   
Questions? Contact Mike Theobald, event coordinator, theobald.8@wright.edu, otherwise known as “Ciggy”.

4. KFC, or “Kids for Cooking” program at Kettering Middle School

IMG_2895We also have been very involved with the “Kids For Cooking” after-school cooking club at Kettering Middle School, a program created by last fall’s HED 4430 Health Program Planning class, and funded through a CEHS Partnership grant and Ohio Action for Healthy Kids. .  It consists of after-school sessions taught by a local chef and the food service director, Louise Easterly (who is a nationally-recognized school food service director by the way), where 7th graders and their parents are learning label reading, shopping, cooking skills and the importance of family meals together!   We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help create, implement and evaluate such a timely and crucial program. Thanks to the Kettering Krogers on Stroop Road for donating gift cards so the students can practice what they learned at home, by cooking, shopping and chopping at home!  Check out the quick video clip from our first session!

Fall 2013 Connections…

1. Health Educator’s Institute

For the past 25 years, Ohio Society for Public Health Educator’s (OSOPHE) has organized the annual Health Educator’s Institute conference every October, at a state park resort. This year’s conference was on October 23-24, at Sal

Health Educators Institute 2013

t Fork State Park.  This year, CHE students Anna Early, Mike Theobald, Ta

ylor Spi

na, Lora Gentry and Israa Alaidrous attended with WSU faculty and CHE program director, Mary Chace, who is also an Ohio SOPHE board member.  Thanks to the KNH department for helping with our transportation and lodging costs!

2. First Annual Kick Butts Off Campus Day

We underestimated how many cigarette and cigar butts were littering our campus.   There were so many people, both students and staff, who came to our table with questions and comments:

Thanks to WSU reporter, Reilly Dixon, who did a great story in The Guardian.

 3. Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities Advocacy Day

WSU faculty Judy Jagger-Mescher and Mary Chace and students Anna Early and Bridget Jones joined with fifty other advocates from around the state to speak to their legislators and advocate for state health education standards and “Shared Use” – an important strategy for increasing physical activity in all Ohio communities.Image created by student Mike Theobald last spring - now being used in this campaign!

  • Image created by student Mike Theobald last spring – now being used in this campaign!




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