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Putting Humans Into Control: The Dynamics of Experience

For those who might be interested. Link to video for the webinar presented to HFES can be found here: Putting Humans Into Control  Link to Slides:   Webinar Slides    


MIT Disobedience Award

What a great idea!  I wonder if persistence in pursuing an ecological approach to exploring human cognition and Cognitive Systems Engineering would qualify as disobedience.  The fact that this persistence led to the denial of tenure at Illinois [banishment to … Continue reading


Putting Humans into Control: The Dynamics of Experience

I will be presenting a webinar sponsored by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society at 12:00 EDT on Wednesday March 29, 2017. I hope to make three major points about cognitive systems: Dynamics of the whole (e.g., pragmatics, stability constraints) … Continue reading