Impersonate the Demo Student

You are able to experience your Pilot course from the students’ perspective by using the demo student that can be found in your classlist (if you don’t have a demo student, contact the CTL and we will add one for you).

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Adding People to your Pilot Classlist

Your class list is automatically populated with students who are registered for your class. You can add students, teaching assistants, co-faculty, or observers to the course. » Read more..

Managing Dates

The Manage Dates tool enables you to view a complete list of objects in your course and edit their availability dates.
When moving course content from one semester to another, the Manage Dates tool allows you to offset dates to adjust to the new semester’s schedule. » Read more..

Adding Modules and Sub-modules

Modules and sub-modules are created to organize course materials within the Content tool.  » Read more..

Final Grades in Pilot

If you have kept your grades in the Pilot course Grades area, then you can easily export your final letter grades to Banner.  In the Pilot Grades area, a final grade percentage is compiled from all of your graded activities in the course and this percentage then needs to be converted into a Letter Grade Scheme.  Once this is done and they are released to students, the grades are ready to be submitted to Banner. » Read more..

Setting Quiz Restrictions in Pilot

Did you set up your quiz to be available today, but your students can’t see it? Do you want to be sure that your quiz can only be accessed during a certain time period? What steps can you take to minimize the opportunity for cheating? These, and other matters of quiz availability and access depend on the settings that are found on the Quiz Restrictions tab. » Read more..

Making Your Course Active

The default setting of “Inactive” has to be changed to “Active” before your students will be able to view your course.

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Adding Quicklinks in Pilot

 A Quicklink directs users to a web page, a file or another place within your Pilot course. Quicklinks can be used within any Pilot tool that uses the HTML editor.

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Creating a Grade Category

Grade book categories can be used to organize and group related grade items together. For example, you may want to create separate grade categories for Quizzes, Dropbox Submissions, Discussions, etc. By organizing your grades in this way, you can evenly distribute points between grade items in each category, or drop the lowest grade item(s) in a category.

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Importing Components from Your Old Course to Your New Course

It’s easy to reuse content, quizzes, dropbox folders, grade items, discussions and other items from an old course or from a developing course. Use the tool called “Import / Export / Copy Components” to copy components into your new course. You’ll find it under the “Course Admin.” » Read more..