Reveal Captions in Panopto

Panopto automatically creates captions for every video you upload to it. These are what you search when you search the content in Panopto videos. You can convert these to closed captions and edit them to correct mistakes.

Hover your cursor near a video’s thumbnail in a folder and a series of buttons appears. Click “Edit.”

In the upper left corner of the Panopto Editor, click “Captions.”

Then click the arrow next to “Import captions” and choose “Import automatic captions.

Panopto’s machine-generated captions will appear along with their time codes.

To fix an error, click on the text you want to edit and make the change. And machine-generated captions usually have lots of errors.

Click outside the box and your changes are saved.

Now, when someone watches the video, there will be a “CC” button they can click to reveal or hide captions.