Paste Text from Word into Pilot

You can compose text in Word then paste it into Pilot’s HTML editor. If done right, the structure you create in Word, such as headings, lists, and tables, will carry over to the HTML editor. If NOT done right, your HTML in Pilot will be full of inline styles that may override you template’s styles.

Use an HTML Cleaner

There are Web sites that will clean the inline styles out of text you copy from Word. Here is how to use one of them:

  1. Select all the text in your Word document and copy it.
  2. (Use the keyboard shortcut Control C on Windows, Command C on a Mac.)
  3. Go to Word HTML and paste the text into the editor window. (Use the keyboard shortcut Control V on Windows, Command V on a Mac.) Colors and some other kinds of formatting will drop out, but you will still have the heading structure, lists, links, tables, etc.
  4. Stay in the “Word Editor” tab, select all the text, (Use the keyboard shortcut Control A on Windows, Command A on a Mac.)
  5. Copy the text. (Use Control C on Windows, Command C on a Mac.) Now you’re ready to paste your text cleanly into Pilot.

The Word HTML site works great. Should that not be available, though, I’ve included some alternatives below.

Preferred HTML Cleaner Alternative HTML Cleaners

When You Don’t Want Any Formatting

Sometimes you just want a quick paste from Word without formatting, not even things like headings and lists. You may want to paste a message into the News tool, copy a question into a quiz, add a description for a discussion forum. In that case, you can skip the Word cleaner and use a keyboard shortcut to paste clean text:

  • Windows: Hold down the shift and control keys, then press V.
  • Mac (most browsers): Hold down the shift and command keys, then press V.
  • Mac with Safari browser: Hold down the shift and option key, then press V.