Add a Template to Your Course

A good template can give your course a consistent professional look and promote best practices for accessibility.

There are three steps to adding a Pilot-optimized template to your course. First, download the template(s) you want. That will give you a .zip file. Next, upload that file to your course and unzip it. And last, choose the resulting folder in your Content Settings.

Here are the details…

Download the Zip File

Click a link below to download templates optimized for use in Pilot. Each downloads as a zip file. Or you can use your own template.

Upload the Zip File to Your Course

Now, go to your course in Pilot and click Course Admin. On the Course Administration page, click Manage Files.

On the Manage Files page, click the green Upload button.

A little Upload window appears with another Upload button. With some browsers, you can just drag that .zip file to the Drop files here box. Or just click the Upload button and go find the file.

After you select your template’s .zip file, click Save. The file will appear in the list of files and folders on you course’s Manage Files page.

Unzip the Zip File

On that Manage Files page, click just to the right of the name of that .zip file and choose Unzip from the menu that pops up. That will create a folder in Pilot named template_files.

Choose the Template Folder

You’re almost done.

Click Content on your navigation bar. Click the blue Settings link near the top right of the content page. On the window that opens, check the box to Enable HTML Templates.

Click the Change Path button and select the template_files folder. Click Select Path. Click Save. And now you are ready to start using your template.