Make Accessible Wizard

A good way to make a PDF document accessible is to start with the Make Accessible wizard in Adobe Acrobat. One caveat: Sometimes, if you have Acrobat automatically add tags to your PDF document, be prepared to undo that as things can go wrong by quitting Acrobat without saving the document.

Why the “Make Accessible” Wizard Matters

Acrobat’s “Make Accessible” wizard steps you through making your document accessible. More advanced users may want to go directly to the Accessibility “Full Check,” the “Touch Up Reading Order” tool, or even the “Tags” panel. But for most people, the “Make Accessible” wizard is a great way to start.

Video Tutorial for the “Make Accessible” and “Reading Order” Tools

The National Center on Disability and Access to Education has a 5-minute video that walks you through making a PDF document accessible using the “Make Accessible” wizard and the “Touch Up Reading Order” tool.

The center also provides a text version of the video and a one-page PDF cheat sheet for printing:

Creating Accessible PDF Documents In Adobe Acrobat XI

Cheat sheet: Creating Accessible PDF Documents

Adobe Guide to PDF Accessibility

The “Make Accessible” wizard employs several Acrobat tools, including the accessibility “Full Check.” This “Full Check” accessibility checker lists accessibility issues and tells you whether your documents passes inspection on each. It also flags issues where a human inspection is needed. Adobe has published a guide to the many items in the “Full Check” list:

Create and Verify PDF Accessibility (Adobe site.)