There are two versions of an accessibility checklist for you to try. The one in Microsoft Word has a little more depth but is also much longer. The one in Excel is brief and lends itself to a course with a lot of files.

Accessibility Review Checklist in Microsoft Word

Download Online Course Accessibility Review in Word

First Page

Update the course number and other information to identify your review. Once you have finished filling out the rest of the review, right click on the Table of Contents and choose “Update field.” You will want to update the entire table so it will show all the headings in the document.

Second Page

Under “Accessibility of Course Design” there are two subheadings. Under each, make any relevant notes about the accessibility of the overall layout of the course, and whether it has an accessibility statement.

Third Page

Make a copy of the third page for each element in the Content area that needs some changes. Also look through quizzes, Discussion descriptions, Dropbox folder descriptions, and News items and create a copy of this third page for any of those items that need to be made accessible.

Under each heading (Colors, Headings, Images, etc.), list elements in the document that can be made more accessible. The existing text under each heading just serves as reminders and can be replaced. Also, feel free to remove anything that does not apply to the document or that does not need help.

In short, you want a “Course Element” listing for each item that needs changes. Include the things that need attention. Delete the rest of the headings.


This is a place for any additional information about the course that may affect accessibility.

Accessibility Review Checklist in Excel

Download Accessibility Review Checklist in Excel

This spreadsheet condenses the checklist into a small space that’s easy to skim. It encourages a little less depth than the Word version, though, and focuses more on just content, not course design.

Concise Word Accessibility Checklist

Microsoft also offers a concise but thorough checklist: Accessibility Checklist, Word 2016.